Friday, April 9, 2010

What r u feel when ur frewn make u hurt???

Every human in this world have a frewn including,what r u do if ur frewn hurt u and at the same time they didnt know that his/her word or what his/her done to u make u feel very2 hurt...but they juz ignoring what they have done to u..

my mind said :
1. juz ignoring them..coz..they didnt appreciate us as a frewn..
2.maybe they not in a good mood..
3. maybe we make them hurt too..??by word..or by what we have done to them??? problem probably..
5.need some rest..
6.they didnt want to be our frewn anymore..
7.they hate me....
8.they juz frewn only for fun or for sociality..

actually,frewn is important in our life..becoz frewn can make we complete everything in our life..but not at all..
we must find and choose a good frewn to make we better...and be a someone one day...if we frewn with someone with a worst from attitute,we also can be like them...yeah....

it juz my opinion..y i say like becoz i already have a frewn like that..they juz want be my frewn becoz they didnt have a frewn.when got a new frewn or meet an old frewn...they left me as a rubbish..when need me,they will be find me..what the what...i feel so stupid....what r frewn for if they could do that to me...???

now..i dont believe that a besh frewn is a the besh frewn 4 ever..sometimes a besh frewn can be our enemy..and our enemy can be our frewn...mybe..who knows..ok..i should stop here for my time i will update my blog with new entri...ok..daaa...

p/s: why she do this to me..????ermmm.i upset have a frewn like her..but i already pray for her..
hope she 'wake up' from what she have done to me..

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