Thursday, July 16, 2009

**BilA bermula SeM bAru & azaM bArU**

aSSaLaMMuaLikUm taWaN2..

sejak 13 Ogos 2009 nih da mjelma,make msuk la ak di sem bwu ngn sglanyer bwu..huhuhuh..apew yg bwu..??agak2 kowunk..??hurm....ok..ak taw kowunk xpat jwabnyer kn3..??ak nyer suasane klas bwu n subject yg bwu...oleh krn sem nih adalah sem ak prgkat "H2"Make ak amik la 4 sbject..yg sumenyer agak KiLLeR bg ak...nk taw sbject apew..mstilah bkisar tntg electrik kn..sbb memg ak amik kos tuh..apew da kowunk nih...nih diew snarai kos diew..


wah2...agak2 sush x..??kowunk bg cdagan..pat2..hihihi..memg la agk sush..ak yg bwu msuk nih..tpk2..akn mase dpn..agk2 leyh kew ak dpt pointer yg bek..??hurm...insya-allah...moge2 la ea..kowunk pon doakn la yg tbek tok ak..tok baiki pointer yg da truk2 sgt da nih..nazak thap da nk msuk liang lahad!!

dsbbkn ak nyer pointer da truk sem lpas,so ak kne la repeat paper dua sbject..yg due die dlm mse tdekat nih.. sbject apew ek..??sbject ENGINEERING SCIENCE & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE...waawwawawaaw..sdihnyer...kn3..??tp nk baiki pointer nyer pasl xkisah la kn..huhuhu...hope pat la lulus n nekkn pointer ak..memg la mulenyer ase cm give up jew..cmpai kering da air mate ak..hahahhaha..i dont want cry anymore..ermmm......ok la tawan2,azan da nk bkumandang da..ak nk bkak pose jap g...pose sunat..huhuhu...

papai sume....

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