Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to improve ur English...~!

Assalammualaikum kawan-kawan

 Selamat hari ahad buat semua blogger..
hari ini aku nak berkongsi ilmu yang aku dapat dengan korang...
Among of us, use online dictionary to describe or to search some word that we dont know the meaning or  not understand right?
so, i want to introduce something new to all of u guys..
this is very useful for u and also me..
what i want to share is...

 The function of this web is same like u all use online dictionary, but the different is..
u all can hear how they pronounce that word correct. 
The language that this web use is British. 
 ..the slang very easier to us hear and use it.
It also can improve our English vocabulary, comprehension and pronounce..

Another way to improve our English by play some game..
i want to promote to u guys with this game..
i love this game and it make u enjoy to play..
but u must play with 2 person or group member..
it quite fun and intresting game..

The game that i suggest it..

Maybe some of us familiar with this game.
.but who never heard this game..
i suggest to u all to play it..
and u can enjoy a lot and improve your English slowly.
 how this game work??
OK..firstly, u open this website..

u can see the web appear  like picture above..
so..u must describe the word that highlight with RED COLOR...
...u cant use the word below the RED COLOR..
u  must describe by using your own word or your own style.
depends on  u, how u describe it..

easy right?
it fun to try 
and also improve our communication skills as well.
 so i hope u can try it....


  sje taruk gmbr senget..huuhu... =)
hAPpy WeeKend guYS~!

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