Monday, January 3, 2011

cONGRATulation my beloved cousin ~!

assalammualaikum kawan-kawan...

 How are you today guys..?how do you feel? I hope you enjoy your day with fully of happiness..
Actually today i'm not going to training classes because i got medical checkup at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban..So, i skip whole day from that class and quite happy because Him (My Bff,BoyFreWn FOrever), spend time with me today..hahah...

Skip from this topic, Now we focus on the main title..WOw...??WHat are you guys thinking about? I want sharE 1 happy story to all my blogger..

25 December 2010, My Eldest cousin was engaged.~!!!!That the amazing story for me..maybe  this not a best story EVER..but for our family this 1 is important,becoz he the first grandson who engaged early.

SO, welcome to our family cousin in law..huhu..We call her KAK WIWI...actually i dont know her fullname..but it ok, the name it not important rite..huhu..this is first time i  was joined engagement ceremony..Very intresting..Oklah..enjoy our pICture.....last but not least...

COngratulation to my Cousin  MOHD FAIRUZ FIRDAUS....cepat2lah kahwin ye..alalallala..~!

inilah kak wiwi

Last pICCA..of course la me..huhu



s.y.a.r.q said...

muke arisa ni kat setiap gmbr lain2 lah :D

♥e'in♥ said...

wah... awk bile g?? =)

aleen aiden said...

congratz utk kazen kamoo.. ^_^

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