Sunday, May 17, 2009

epy burfday to my besh frewn!!!!

::this my besh frewn=MOHD FIRDAUS::

assalammualaikum sume...arinih aku sjew jew nk tulis blog nih..arinih adalah ari ahd bsmaan 17MEI2009..sbnarnyer xdew papew la yg istimewe kt tarikh nih..cume..yg ak nk gtaw..esknyer adalh burfday member ak 18MEI2009..firdaus atau daus..ak knal diew da dkat 9bln xcyer jewkn..kowunk nk taw x..cmner leyh ak knal diew..???cmner ekk..juz kt alam maya..that mean in internet..from mespes and yahoo mesenger..act after i know him very well..he is understanding person especially about his frewn..i like to be his frewn..he a kinda and crazy2 person..maybe all of u must be thinking how this relationship can get along until now..actually i dont know how and how..but seriously maybe he and me have a same things..huhuhuh...we always share bout and everything..for ur information he and me is same guest..???how old r he..???of course la 2o years old..but tomorrow he already in that age...!!!ermm..what i surpose to do for him..??actually i never meet him face to face..only call,mcj and comment in mespes..but i think we r such old frewn that never met for along time....huhuhuh...crazy huh,,??whatever la..but i enjoy to be his matter what,he is my best frewn for eva..back to the story,,what surpose i do for himm..??juz wish in phone..??maybe that a suitable for me..?
or..i sing for him..what song..??of course la bufday song..hahahahhahaa..i will do that..hopefully he like my beautiful voice even my voice like frog calling the rain..hahahhaha..

ok r i want to prepare my make he love my voice very much..hopefully this night he called me...hahahahahahahha...i know he alwayz remember me as a best frewn..!!chayoook222...

epy bufday my frewn....hope u epy wit ur life and make a new age as ur new identity...mmmuuuaaax..luv u..muaaaahhh!!!i alwayz be there for u..juz call or mcj me,k..hope our friendship never last forever...!!

p/s: our annivasary date for our friendship is 23 AUGUST...dont forget huh..???ok frewn...!

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